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Kalgi For Groom

Kalgi For Groom

To complete the look of a bridegroom, a kalgi is worn over a safa. Kalgi is more like an ornament and comes in wide variety. It is one of the groom accessories that make the bridegroom a prince. A kalgi is made up of colorful stones, pearls and kundans.

Kalgi is used to beautify a safa. Kalgi is a badge which is decorated with stones and has a feather attached to it. It is like a removable badge that can be either tied or pinned to the safa. This generally symbolizes the social prominence of the family. In ancient time, a king or emperor were supposed to wear the kalgi on his crown. It is used on wedding as a bridegroom is treated as a king or prince on the occasion of his wedding. Kalgi has a special significance in Sikh culture. All the Sikh gurus were shown as wearing a kalgi on their turban. Kalgi is also used in Sikh wedding. In Sikh wedding a turban is tied on the head of bridegroom by his father as which indicates that the bridegroom is mature enough now to begin a new life and to support his family. After turban tying, the sister of the bridegroom ties a feather kalgi on the turban.

When the groom enters the gurudwara, he pays respect to the holy book of gurugranth sahib and made to sit in the hall for further wedding ceremonies. At this time the kalgi and the sehra are removed by his sisters. There are many accessories for bridegroom that enhances the look of bridegroom and Kalgi is one of them. It enriches the attractiveness of the turban. Like sehra, kalgi can also be selected depending of the style of the bridegroom’s outfit. For a bright color safa a pearl or diamante kalgi would be best suited.

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