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Wedding Safa For Barati

Wedding Safa Wala/ Turban for Wedding-we will make your wedding a colorful event with our wide range of colorful safas. All kind of safa including, Jaipur safa, Jodhpuri safas, Rajasthani safa, safas for bridegroom and safa for baratis are widely available in desired color and pattern. We have our own professionals who are experts in tying the safa on the head of bridegroom and baratis in elegant way with a touch of tradition.

Safa tying is originally a tradition of Rajasthan, a state which is rich in culture, tradition and a very colorful state. Rajasthan has a history of royal dynasties. That royal touch is still evident in its present way of celebration. Safa is an important part of rituals and celebration. In Rajasthan state alone, every region has its own style of safa tying. The cloth material, color, style changes as we moved away from one place to another. Different occasions have different style of safa tying. The activity of safa tying is so popular that very often safa tying competitions are held.

Safa is originally made of a long ribbon like cloth of a single piece fabric. Saaris are also used to make safa. Its length varies from 5-8 meters which is sometime longer than the length of a normal saree. Though safa are available in many colors but in wedding mostly red colored or pink colored safa are used as these colors are considered as color of celebrations and rituals. Pagari or turban is also a form of safa but there is a little difference the two. Pagari is around 52 feet long and is comparatively wider than a Rajasthani safa. Pagari is an integral part of Punjabi or Sikh culture. Lots of respect and cultural values are associated with a safa. Now turbans are also tailor made. They are stitched and be worn or taken off with ease.

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