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Wholesale Wedding Safa Wala, Rajasthani Pagri For Barati, Turban On Hire in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

We deals in all kind of Wedding Safa & make up meterial , Rajasthani Safa Wedding Turbans for Groom, Dori, Murti's poshak, Pagri (Turban), Shehnai, Mehandi Churi(Bangles) classic, Music, Band, Ghori, Fire Work & Wedding Planning.

Indian culture is full of festivals, ceremony and every special moment in one’s life is the reason for celebration. The most important moment of one’s life is marriage which everyone aspires to celebrate in a grand way. The marriage in India is not just a personal ceremony but it has a lot of social implication. Marriage gives social security, respect in society. Marriage is celebrated as a festival. India is a country of diverse culture, languages and each culture has its own tradition. Marriage is a perfect platform to show traditional or cultural values.

A Hindu marriage is celebrated more like a religious ceremony as in Hindu marriage lots of rituals and customs are followed. There are so many functions which takes place before and after marriage. The marriage function is divided into three main functions- pre wedding, wedding day and post wedding functions. All functions witnesses people specially women clad in heavy dress material, heavy makeups, and beautiful hair dos. Women can easily be distinguished when they are ready for any wedding functions. In case of men, it is the beautiful safa tied on the head of men that make them a part of celebrations. Tying safa is basically a part of the culture of Rajasthan, but in modern wedding it has become an integral part of weddings irrespective of regional cultures and traditions.

Safa are made of one single band of cloth and are usually 5-8 meters of length. They can be either made of single color band or multicolor bands. These safa are generally worn by men in the northern part of India mostly during weddings. Safa tying is usually done by a professional who can do it within couple of minutes. The color of safa is chosen in a peculiar way so that it becomes easy to identify whether the guest is from bride’s side or from groom’s side. The safa tying for baratis takes place just before the baraat is ready to proceeds. The guests at bride’s side receive the baraat with their safa tied. Like many other northern parts of India, wedding safas are popular in Delhi as well. There are many events and wedding planners in Delhi, who offer wedding groom safa, wedding safa for baratis , etc. they also provide services of safa experts who can tie any style of safa on the head of bridegroom and baratis. Many online stores also provide delivery of colorful and all style wedding safa at doorsteps in Delhi.

Wholesale Wedding Safa Wala, Rajasthani Pagri For Barati, Turban On Hire in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

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