JODHPURI Safa For Barati

Wholesale Wedding Safa Wala, Rajasthani Pagri For Barati, Turban On Hire in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

Rajasthan is a state of rich culture and legacy. There are different variations of Turban, Pagari, Safa (as popularly known in Rajasthan). Safa is worn as a traditional headwear for men in every part of Rajasthan. Safa is considered as the prominent accessories for men in the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The safa is a staple of pride and respect for men In Rajasthan

Safas are very important in grooming a look and are very important for any special events like wedding or any other celebration where looking special is foremost. It is a way of Rajasthan’s culture to welcome their guest by offering them safa, which symbolizes extending respect and friendly atmosphere to their visitors.

In Rajasthan Jodhpuri safas are specifically branded for their splendor and elegance. These safas are termed by selections of names Panchrangi Safa which is made up of combination of five colors, Chundari safa which is a again multi colored with maximum red and white colors, Gajsahi safas etc. which are combinations of pink, white, saffron, red and yellow on saree like material called chunari cloth and jari safa which are made using cloth of jari or jari work is crafted on them and silk safa which are very royal in its looks and feel.

The Safa are typically occupied as a decency of person and a feel of honor is linked with safas in the cultural roots of Rajasthan. A groom with a Safa tied on his head and wearing a traditional sherwani, has a lot more appeal in this style and looks more handsome and this looks help him in taking the center stage. Jodhpuri Safas are more famous and popular safas when compared to any other style of safas. On the event of wedding occasion Jodhpuri Safa plays an important part in make-up of the bridegroom.

Wholesale Wedding Safa Wala, Rajasthani Pagri For Barati, Turban On Hire in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

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