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Bridal Chura in Delhi

Bridal Chura in Delhi

Bridal chura is one of the most prominent accessories of an Indian bride. A full hand of chura is worn by the bride on her day of wedding. As red is an auspicious color and is considered a sign of luck in marriages, these churas and bangles usually come in a combination of red and white color. Usually chura comes in two colors only and sometimes red color is replaced by some other color.

Like kaleera and haldi ceremony, chura ceremony is also held in the morning on the day of the wedding. Sometimes it is held a day before wedding day. As per Hindu tradition chura should be given by the maternal uncle-aunt of the bride. As per tradition it should be worn for a complete year but it has become ideal to wear it atleast 40 days in modern times. On 40th day, only husband can remove the chura for her bride. In earlier time when a bride used to wear chura for a year, the in-laws of the bride had to get the chura re colored when it started fading in order to keep it new for a complete year. Traditionally chura would be removed on any auspicious day which was followed by a ceremony and after that bride would wear glass bangles.

As per tradition chura were made of ivory and white sea shell, but chura made from plastic are more prevalent these days. The wedding chura on any female hand symbolizes that she a married woman. Like vermilion or sindoor, chura is also meant for a married woman only. The significance of wearing chura is that it is believed to bring, good luck, prosperity and fertility to newlywed bride. The chura usually comes in a set of 21 red and white colored bangles. Some customs and wedding rituals have not changed with the advent of modern era, wearing chura on marriage is also one of them.

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