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Shagun kaleeras are a tradition in Punjabi style and north Indian wedding. We specialize in wedding designer kaleeras, Punjabi kaleeras, crystal kaleeras, and Bollywood style kaleeras. The kaleera is in the form of danglers and is tied to the chura or bangles of a bride.

Marriage in India means different types of jewelry, dresses for to be wed couples, functions, ceremonies and rituals. Some ceremonies are held as part of rituals and some are some are held purely for fun. Many accessories of bride and bridegroom are worn as a part of rituals and Kaleera is one of them.

Kaleera is an umbrella shaped ornament which is hanged with bride’s bangle or chooda. A special ceremony is held for Kaleera tying in a Punjabi style wedding. A kaleera is a must in all Punjabi wedding and every Punjabi woman, irrespective of her social status, has to wear it the day of her wedding. The earlier kaleera were made of flowers, beads and sea shells which was tied with the chooda of both the hands of the bride. A kaleera symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the newly wed bride and her family. Kaleera ceremony is organized in the morning after the haldi ceremony on the day of the wedding. Female married women from the bride side usually tie this kaleera on bride’s chooda.

A kaleera is like a dangler and many small leaves like petals are hanging from it. Some brides wear kaleera made of gold or silver metal. As per Punjabi rituals, once the kaleera is tied to bride’s chooda the bride waves this kaleera over the head of her unmarried female friends and relatives. If the kaleera falls on anyone’s head than it is believed that she would be the next one to get married. Lots of fun moments are involved in kaleera ceremony. Kaleera comes in both simple and exclusive designs.

Wholesale Wedding Safa Wala, Rajasthani Pagri For Barati, Turban On Hire in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

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